Does HPV From Giving Oral Cause Cancer?


To first answer that question we have to look at the main causes of oral cancer. The main risk factors have been linked to drinking alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco but there is no evidence that mouth contact with anyone with HPV can now cause oral cancer, this according to a study done by the national health service in the United Kingdom.

The study says that around 25% of mouth and 35% of throat cancers are HPV related but the exact numbers are not yet known based on the other aforementioned risk factors.

Male to female is more risky than female to male is more risky than oral sex on a man according to the study.

HPV itself does not cause cancer but it can cause cells to become infected and eventually they become cancerous.

One way to ensure that your partner doesn’t have HPV is to get tested and vaccinated. You can get tested and vaccinated  at most doctors’ offices.

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