Work In A Dental Office? Here’s How To Give Yourself A Raise

Did you know that over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of Crest White Strips are sold each year through retail?

Does your office sell Whitestrips? Why Not? What if you could get some of those sales?

What if your dental office could earn commissions on sales for hundreds of products, without the hassle of keeping inventory, shipping packages or dealing with customer service?

Think about it


This is where DentalStores comes in. DentalStores is a service that helps you create your own customized webstore. It offers hundreds of products that can be bought through your branded storefront, or a tablet within your office.

Plans start at free (with $25 minimum sales) for those offices just starting out. Additional plans offer perks such as reviews and higher commissions for solo-practices or larger multi-practice dental groups. You make money on each sale – without any of the hassle!

The service also creates a more in-depth relationship between the patient and your office. You can suggest premium products to ensure better care for your patients outside of the office and use any commissions as bonuses or incentives for hygienists and other staff members. It’s really up to you. That’s the great thing about DentalStores – you choose what products you want to offer patients and you get to do what you want with the extra money coming in. At the same time, you’re providing better dental care for your patients. It is truly a win-win!





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