7 Reasons Why Your Dentist Hates You

7 Reasons Why Your Dentist Hates You


1.You show up and it’s clear you haven’t brushed your teeth in weeks.


You don’t have to lie about it. Trust me when i say i know you haven’t. I look at teeth all day everyday.

2.You don’t call to cancel your dentist appointment


This is common courtesy and just plain rude.

3. You call and say my tooth didn’t hurt until you worked on it


This one is the worst. Some people really believe that the dentist is the cause of their tooth problems when all we are trying to do is help.

4. I tell you that you need a filling but you wait 9 years before you actually get it done.


Now you’re teeth are falling out.

5. I give you a diagnoses but you believe Web MD over me.


Ummm, okay?

6. You keep spitting everything out of your mouth.



7. Your gums bleed when i floss them but tell me you floss them everyday


Why you lying? We both know the truth. Your gums look like a Freddy Krueger movie.


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